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6 Best Electrical Estimating Software In 2024

Electrical Estimating Software

Gaining more work orders than your rivals is the key to increasing your electrical company’s profit margin. Creating a compelling estimate is also essential to obtaining more work orders. It seems too easy, doesn’t it? However, creating an estimate that will appeal to your potential clients takes far more than you might imagine. Every item that will be used for the task, the necessary operating expenditures, and several additional considerations must be made. That is where an electrical estimating software is practical.

You have to remember the profit component of this process, or you will pay for things from your wallet. However, you must also determine the final price your clients can pay. Yes, it takes a lot of labour. It makes sense why most small firms struggle to provide prices and estimates. There is, nevertheless, a way out. Invest in an electrical estimation program to make the process easier.

Selecting the appropriate software for your company might take time and effort. There are hundreds of options on the market right now, and all of them claim to offer the finest features and prices. It can quickly become unclear.

Software for Electrical Estimating: An Overview

In essence, estimating software is a digital tool that engineers, construction managers, and electricians use to estimate how much will be spent on operating costs at a particular site or procedure. In short, it assists you in determining the total cost of a specific project so that you can advise your clients about the likely costs associated with the desired service.

The definition makes it abundantly evident that this estimating software may be crucial to your electrical company’s profitability. The more precise your calculations are, the more likely you can increase your pricing margin. However, you will suffer financial loss if the costs are not accurately calculated.

Benefits of Electrical Estimating Software:

Before delving into our list of the best options, let’s examine why electrical contractors must use this type of software. Including electrical estimating software in your process has several benefits.

Accuracy: One of electrical estimating software’s main advantages is its capacity to carry out intricate computations precisely. This eliminates human error, which may be expensive when bidding on projects.

Time Efficiency: Estimating by hand, particularly for larger and more complicated projects, can take a lot of time. Electrical estimating software automates many procedures, drastically cutting down on the amount of time needed to finish an estimate.

Customization: Several electrical estimating software programs allow you to customize estimates based on project specifications and your business’s price schedule. This adaptability is crucial for customizing estimates for every distinct project.

Cost tracking: These software programs can help you track costs more effectively. By monitoring costs throughout the project and making necessary adjustments, you can guarantee that a project stays within budget.

Streamlined Collaboration: Many software programs for electrical estimating enable team members to work together. This ensures that everyone who needs to know may access the estimate and help assure its accuracy.

Making life easier with Electrical Estimating Software in 2024

Simpler Documentation: Project management requires thorough documentation. Software for electrical estimating frequently includes tools for producing thorough reports and documentation, which simplifies keeping data for later use.

Integration: A smooth workflow can be achieved by integrating several electrical estimating software packages with other construction-related software programs, including project management and accounting.

Cost analysis: These software tools, which offer comprehensive cost breakdowns, can help you find areas where expenses can be optimized or decreased.

Updates and Database: These software programs usually include databases with labor and material cost information that is updated regularly. By doing this, you may stay competitive by ensuring your estimates are based on actual market rates.

Risk Mitigation: You can use electrical estimating software to find possible hazards and unknowns in your projects. You can create more precise estimates and effectively handle project contingencies by considering these risks.

Scalability: Electrical estimating software is a valuable tool for companies of all sizes since it can be scaled to match your unique demands, regardless of the size of your electrical contracting company.

Although employing an electrical estimating program has many other advantages, that is not the focus of this blog. By now, we’re sure you understand how important this technology is.

Field Promax

Choose Field Promax if you’re searching for an all-inclusive solution for your electrical company. One of the best field service software programs available today, it provides the most reliable and robust cloud-based platform with many valuable features and functionality, such as an effective estimate system. Even more helpful, Field Promax gives you a personalized link that you can quickly post on your website so clients can contact you directly for quotations. This fantastic digital solution has even more fascinating features. With this custom estimating software, for instance, you can use it to accept your estimates online and even convert an authorized estimate straight into a work order.

But that’s not all. A complete work order management suite, an effective scheduling and dispatching system, and seamless mobile-friendly features for creating, editing, and sharing estimates are all included in Field Promax. QuickBooks is also integrated with it. This implies that after completing the task, you can automatically create invoices using the data in your estimate.

Clear Estimations

Clear Estimations is an excellent option if you’re looking for an electrical estimating software platform that focuses primarily on estimates. The monthly membership plan, starting at $59, is reasonably priced for small-scale electrical contractors.

Utilizing goods and materials based on regional data, Clear Estimates builds a cost model that provides product and material costs depending on geographic location using data from RemodelMAX. It gives customers access to vast data and enables them to receive a more accurate estimate based on where they are.


planswift Electrical Estimating Software

PlanSwift may be the best option if you’re seeking electrical estimating software that’s simple to use. Even if this is the first time you’ve created a thorough estimate, it helps you do so with remarkable accuracy. This program also includes a project management package to manage your work orders on the same platform.


InvoiceAble is among the top options on the market right now for a specialized estimation tool. This program makes creating invoices simple for owners of both small and large businesses. It relieves the burden associated with estimating, billing, and accounting, enabling you to keep a clear perspective and astute observation of the crucial facets of your company.

With this software, creating estimates and invoices is relatively easy. All you have to do is input crucial data, such as your billing name and address, the things you’ve used, the services you’ve received, and any required payment instructions; the program takes care of the rest. It also provides editable templates to suit your various requirements. You can also attach files, documents, and further remarks to the invoice.

Electric Ease

Electric Ease is another specialized program that runs on the cloud. It was created especially with the electrical sector in mind. Project management and work estimation are both possible with Electric Ease. It has more areas of specialization in addition to those two. What Electric Ease offers is

Task estimation

Project oversight

Management of bids

Technician Timetable

Client oversight

Additionally, the software has an associated app to make it easier to use while on the go. Within the application, users have extensive control over an active workflow. They can attach photos and thorough work descriptions there. This program is intended for organizations with many technicians. Collaborative editing and workflow editing made employee communication easy. Electric Ease grows with your company because it accommodates infinite users.


Among the most widely used programs for electrical estimating is STACK. For novices, this electrical bid manager is the best option. Since using the software is simple and doesn’t require any training. By automatically estimating labour units, material costs, profit margins, and other operational costs, the Auto Count feature saves you time and lowers the possibility of human mistakes in the estimate. Because it includes a cost database, you may save your rates and get a precise quote immediately. Additionally, as the software is cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere and manage YouTube electrical projects while on the road.


The days of electrical contractors creating estimates and bidding on jobs with pen and paper and their memory are long gone. Electrical estimating software providers have entirely transformed the estimating market, and you should jump on this trend as soon as feasible. We hope that this article has assisted you in comparing the best electrical estimating programs available.

If you’re still undecided, check out each electrical estimating software mentioned in the blog. They provide all the required features to generate accurate estimates and even more. Undoubtedly, this is your company’s greatest option for electrical business estimating software.


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