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Our Trades

CSI Estimation is a cost estimation firm with a record of providing 99.9 percent accurate Estimates for years. We cover all 16 cost estimation trades to assist busy contractors in the construction project.

Our Popular Trades

General Estimate

We provide general estimates, whether you want a residential or commercial project estimate. Our dedicated team will help you get accurate estimates with a quick turnaround time depending upon the project’s specifications. 

MEP Projects (MEP Estimating Services)

Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Estimates are one of the services we offer to MEP contractors. Get your project estimated by the experts, save endless time, and win the bid on your desired project.

Lumber Estimate (Lumber Takeoff Service)

We will provide details about the specified material and the total quantity of ‘lumber‘ required to complete the project. Get your estimate today by getting a free and firm quote.

Concrete Estimate ( Concrete Estimator)

Concrete estimating and takeoff services are used to estimate the cost of your concrete project. So if you are looking for a concrete estimator in the USA, go for our services to get the best possible services.

Remodeling Estimate

Our team provides high-class renovation and remodeling services through their expertise. We also deal with a vast range of experienced estimators to meet your remodeling requirements to their fullest.

Painting Estimate

Fortunately, we also deal with the Painting project estimation. We have a team of professional and experienced estimators to provide this exceptional service.

Get 99.9 percent accurate estimates

What Do We Deliver To You?

A comprehensive estimate along with a well-written performance of work is provided to you that includes:An Excel spreadsheet for digital takeoff. List of materials according to type, quantity, and pricing. The summary reports include labor rates, overhead costs, taxes, permits, service estimates, profit percentages, vendor charges, and other miscellaneous charges. A thorough evaluation of the bid proposal was performed to determine what was and was omitted. A report on total labor hours and labor units will also be provided to you.

Our trades
Get 99.9 percent accurate estimates

Solutions For Estimation Services

CSI Estimation has experienced staff working in this field for over 14 years with deep industry knowledge using the latest software. We provide you with all possible solutions for your cost estimation.

Trades we also cover

  • Roofing Estimate (Roofing Takeoff)
  • Drywall And Framing Estimate
  • Civil-Site Works
  • Masonry Estimate(Masonry Estimating Service)
  • Opening Estimate
  • Tiles Estimate
  • Communication Safety


Improve ROI Of Your Business

In the construction industry, it is all about accuracy whenever you are looking to bid; if you are more precise, there are 90 percent chance of winning the bids.

As we have been working in this field for more than a decade, we noticed because of the need for more time. Contractors need more time to dive into other projects because they are busy with site work.

Once clients engage with our company, they entrust us with outsourcing the construction estimating work for their desired projects. To our astonishment, our success rate on bids has been an impressive 90 percent.

This outstanding accomplishment has greatly benefited most of our clients, significantly improving their respective businesses’ return on investment (ROI).

Our high winning rate can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, we have established a strong network of trusted suppliers and partners who consistently provide accurate and competitive estimates. These reliable connections enable us to consistently submit compelling proposals that resonate with potential clients.

Secondly, we have developed a well-defined and efficient process for estimating projects while considering various parameters such as scope, resources required, and timeline. Our experienced team analyzes all aspects of the project to provide precise and comprehensive estimations, which, as a result, helps our clients succeed in bids and make their business more profitable.

our trades

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Did you know precise results can help you win more bids and make your business more profitable? An accurate estimate can reduce the project’s cost using cost-saving takeoff techniques. We have a success rate of 98 percent when it comes to cost estimation and takeoff services. 

Be sure to get a quote today. It’s free, quick, and firm.

Are you tired of inaccurate Estimates?

We have recently had most of the contractors losing money on not getting accurate estimates. In the construction industry, various factors contribute to the discrepancy between estimated and actual figures, leading to inaccurate estimates. These are the following.

our trade

But no need to worry about outsourcing these services to us. You can sit back and relax.

We have a team of engineers who have been working in this field for more than 14 years, and they know the right ingredients to help you improve your business’s profitability.

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