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Quantity Takeoff Services

Quantity Takeoff Services

Quantity takeoff services play a pivotal role in the estimation of construction projects. It is the foundation for accurate cost estimation, project planning and proper allocation of resources. To estimate a construction project, you require what kind of quantities for materials, labour, and equipment. An idea of what is necessary for the construction helps ensure all the resources and the project’s cost are appropriately used.

A construction takeoff creates precise cost estimations for your commercial projects. It enables contractors and subcontractors to give a proper time of completion. That is why CSI Estimation provides one of the best cost estimating takeoff services you can count upon.

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Who We Work With?

Who Are We?

CSI Estimation is a leading construction estimating services company that has been in business for the past 14 years. When you give us your project, we start working on the estimate and the takeoff you desire. Remember that we must adhere to local pricing to create an accurate estimate.  CSI Estimation is the market leader in accurate and precise estimates.  We can help reduce your costs tenfold.

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What Is A Quantity Takeoff Services?

Why CSI Estimation Is The Best Choice For Quantity Takeoff Services?

Everyone that we know provides construction takeoff service. But if you are looking for quality and finesse, we are the perfect partner for your cost estimation requirements. We want our work to speak for ourselves. We have helped countless clients with their commercial and residential construction projects. CSI construction takeoff services relieve you from frustration with work not completed. It allows you to focus on your business and helps you add value to your construction project. We offer you results you can use to make money. CSI estimators are responsible for cost estimating takeoff. Our team delivers accuracy without compromising the quality of the work.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our quantity takeoff services are affordable. It all depends on the complexity of your construction project. Simply put, our service will help you reduce overhead costs that plague your project. With us as your cost estimation partner, we will make your life easier. And to top it off, we will boost your profit margins.


By employing CSI Estimation for construction takeoff services, you can expect accuracy in all takeoffs and estimates required for your construction projects. We cater to both commercial and residential Projects. Our database of completed projects helps us to provide precise costs. You can quickly secure bids and start building your projects with our work.

Turnaround Times

CSI Estimation is the market leader regarding turnaround times for quantity takeoff services. Depending on the project’s complexity, this might differ, but as a standard, you can get the takeoff in less than 48 hours. Furthermore, this turnaround time varies with construction projects. Residential has less turnaround time than commercial projects.

Cost Database

CSI Estimation achieves 98% accuracy in quantity takeoff services due to our precise cost database. The results of past projects significantly impact the cost projections. That is one of the reasons many clients prefer CSI Estimation for quantity takeoff services. Our process is straightforward. Since our communication is open, all our information is double-checked for verification.

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Our construction estimation services are dedicated to winning more bids and completing your project more successfully. We have a job success rate of 98 percent after working on more than a thousand projects. Don’t wait to get a quote today—it’s quick, firm, and accessible.


Appreciated By Our Customers

For 14 years, CSI Estimation has been working in the construction field and has had a job success rate of 98 percent. We have worked with contractors all over the USA and had a great experience working with them there are some reviews of them.

I recently used the services of CSI Estimation, and I am thoroughly impressed.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith
As a first-time user of construction estimating services, I was somewhat skeptical about what to expect from Csi Estimation.
John Davis
John Davis
I recently hired CSI Estimation for a construction project and could be happier with their services!
Patricia Wilson
Patricia Wilson
My experience with CSI Estimation has been nothing short of amazing! Their cost estimation and material takeoff services have genuinely exceeded my expectations.
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee

Our Process


Send us your plans to csiestimation@gmail.com


Inform us the details of your project.


You will receive a detailed quote as per our services.


Our Team will perform the takeoff and estimate your project.

What Is The Purpose Of Quantity Takeoff Services?

Cost estimating takeoff are critical if you plan to do cost estimation for construction projects. The process considers the measurements of materials, such as count, length, area, and volume.



This is the actual number of the items to be counted. We input all the information in our Digital Takeoff.



This number includes all the items and how long they are. Length includes cables, pipes, and lumber.



Great for materials as it is how much each material covers as a space.



Important for any construction, especially for concrete or asphalt.

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Our construction estimation services are dedicated to winning more bids and completing your project more successfully. We have a job success rate of 98 percent after working on more than a thousand projects. Don’t wait to get a quote today—it’s quick, firm, and accessible.

Quantity Takeoff Services

Frequently Asked Questions

A comprehensive inventory or measurement of all the materials and amounts required for a building project is called the above. This covers everything, including labor and equipment hours and raw materials like steel and concrete.

For precise project cost estimation, budgeting, and procurement, construction takeoff is essential. It offers a framework for allocating resources, planning projects, and preventing delays and cost overruns.

The first step in this process is to examine building blueprints and specifications to determine the required labor and material numbers. Usually completed manually or with software, this yields an extensive list of quantities that can be used to estimate costs.

Detailed construction plans, specifications, and other project documentation are required to accomplish a construction takeoff. It’s crucial to have precise measurements and an awareness of the project’s scope.

Construction projects, including civil engineering, commercial, industrial, and residential, might benefit from construction takeoff services. This applies to any building project where cost prediction is necessary.

The precision of cost estimating takeoff computations is contingent upon the caliber of data given and the proficiency of the personnel or software executing the takeoff. Although it strives for high accuracy, unanticipated modifications to the project’s parameters or scope may affect the outcome.

The measuring and quantifying labor and materials needed for a project are the main topics of construction takeoff. Utilizing this quantitative information, estimating services generate cost estimates that consider overhead, labor rates, and material costs.

Construction takeoff can be performed for residential and commercial construction projects. The procedure can be modified to fit different building kinds and scales.

The size and complexity of the project, the accessibility, and caliber of the project documentation, and the tools utilized all influence how long construction takeoff takes. While more prominent and sophisticated tasks can take weeks, smaller jobs can be completed in a few days.

Construction takeoff procedures have been significantly altered by technology. Software solutions that simplify procedures, lower mistake rates, and boost productivity include cost estimating takeoff software and Building Information Modeling (BIM) software.

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