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Sitework estimating services

Sitework Estimating Services

To make sure your construction stands the test of time. You require a precise estimation for it. You also need a precise estimation of all the elements that come into play. This includes labour, materials and other expenses. This seems like a tall order, but this is how the construction industry works. Frustrating as it is, construction is one of the most profitable industries in the world. With CSI Estimation has your partner, you can expect to get sitework estimating services you can rely upon. Sitework estimating deals with the cost of the materials, the number of workers, the number of houses required to complete the construction project, etc. Sitework estimation for each construction project varies. Only a few were the same.

Civil Site Work Samples

Here are some examples of civil site projects we’ve done with previous clients.

Civil Site Work Samples

Who We Work With?

Who Are We?

CSI Estimation is a leading construction estimating services company that has been in business for the past 14 years. When you give us your project, we start working on the estimate and the takeoff you desire. Remember that we must adhere to local pricing to create an accurate estimate.  CSI Estimation is the market leader in accurate and precise estimates.  We can help reduce your costs tenfold.

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CSI Estimation And Sitework Estimates

At CSI Estimation, a large portion of our customer base is made up of excavation contractors. These guys have their hands full, literally. With the amount of dirt they deal with, they can build a sand castle and won’t be able to live in it. Excavation contractors have demanding schedules, and estimating the work can make this job far messier. That is why they employ us to help them get the required number. Many cost estimation companies may cut corners, but not us. We provide accurate sitework estimates that are precise to the tilt. That is only some of what makes CSI Estimation the market leader in site work estimating services.

To meet the challenge of providing top-notch sitework estimating services, we employ a team of skilled professionals with expertise in civil works and division 2. Our guys and gals not only know the ins and outs of this division but can provide you with insight to reduce your expenses. We are more than familiar with countless construction projects. So why the wait? Contact us for a better tomorrow.

Scope Of Our Sitework Estimating Services

The scope of work includes everything you require for your construction project to succeed. This includes cost estimates for how much material you require and how much labour is needed. CSI Estimation is responsible for providing accurate sitework estimates to help you finish the job. Many people try to leverage this, but we don’t do that. Our work speaks for itself for the past 15 years. These are all the element our sitework estimator provides results for:

Value engineering
Change order management
Litigation support
Design phase estimation services

Land development services
Feasibility cost estimates
Conceptual estimates
Comparison estimates
Preliminary estimates

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Our construction estimation services are dedicated to winning more bids and completing your project more successfully. We have a job success rate of 98 percent after working on more than a thousand projects. Don’t wait to get a quote today—it’s quick, firm, and accessible.


Appreciated By Our Customers

For 14 years, CSI Estimation has been working in the construction field and has had a job success rate of 98 percent. We have worked with contractors all over the USA and had a great experience working with them there are some reviews of them.

I recently used the services of CSI Estimation, and I am thoroughly impressed.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith
As a first-time user of construction estimating services, I was somewhat skeptical about what to expect from Csi Estimation.
John Davis
John Davis
I recently hired CSI Estimation for a construction project and could be happier with their services!
Patricia Wilson
Patricia Wilson
My experience with CSI Estimation has been nothing short of amazing! Their cost estimation and material takeoff services have genuinely exceeded my expectations.
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee
Our Process


Send us your plans to csiestimation@gmail.com


Inform us the details of your project.


You will receive a detailed quote as per our services.


Our Team will perform the takeoff and estimate your project.

Services We Offer For Sitework Estimates

Striping and signs
Parking appurtenances
Excavation and backfill
Trenching for electric, gas, and site lighting
Retaining walls
Site Furnishings
Fence and gates
Curbs and pavements
Water distribution
Storm sewer
Sanitary sewer

Asphalt paving
Soil erosion and sediment control
Clearing & site preparation
Distribution analysis
Phasing & staging
Structural fill
Soil strata
Groundwater elevation

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Our construction estimation services are dedicated to winning more bids and completing your project more successfully. We have a job success rate of 98 percent after working on more than a thousand projects. Don’t wait to get a quote today—it’s quick, firm, and accessible.

Portfolio For Sitework Estimating Services

We have been employed in the planning and estimating of various construction projects. These include:

Underground structures
Bicycle racks
Skateboarding grounds
Swimming pools
Sports complexes
Golf courses
Parks and tracks
Planned communities
Water treatment sites
Commercial project sitework
Residential project sitework
Civil works

Components For Comprehensive Sitework Estimation Services

Site Preparation
Land clearing

Earthwork & grading
Drainage systems
Landscaping and hardscaping
Erosion control

Earthwork Civil Sitework Estimating Services

Our earthwork estimates include detailed information on the following:
Site excavation report
Cut/fill quantities
Export of import quantities
Volume reports
Topsoil spreads

In Our Earthwork Estimates, We Also Amount To Volumes Of:

Soil strata
Groundwater elevations
Structural fill
Distribution analysis.

Site Improvement

Our sitework estimating services also list site improvements. Here are all the services we provide:

Fences and gates hardware
Fabricated bridges
Vegetated roofs
Grates and guards
Roof barriers
Tree staking
Turn and grasses
Retaining walls

Why Is It Essential To Employ Sitework Estimating Services?

Construction sitework must be done to prepare a site before construction. The scope of sitework varies by project, but it is essential. It doesn’t matter what kind of construction project you are dealing with, but predation and planning are crucial. The extent of sitework required for the construction project can overwhelm you. This becomes more frustrating for you as you can’t determine how much land will cost. This becomes an issue as more unplanned costs become unyielding expenses. So, CSI Civil sitework estimating services can get the job done if you want costs.

A trusted cost estimating company you can easily leverage. Like ours. We can bring the quality and accuracy of sitework estimation to new heights. This can seriously impact your future projects and help you with your current projects. Our sitework estimator works with your timelines and schedules. We feel that you require us more than we do.

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