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Estimating A Construction Project’s Time: A simple But Effective Process

Estimating A Construction Project’s Time: A simple But Effective Process

Estimating construction projects might seem easy, but that is not the case. It takes time and patience. Luckily, our skilled estimators have the resources and the desire to get the job done before the cut-off time. The most crucial element when estimating construction projects is to calculate the time it takes to complete them. Here, the time we are referring to is not to estimate it. But the time to build it.

That is only some of what you must do; you also have to put them in proper order. It needs to be like clockwork. Defining the scope is vital for any construction project. I cannot stress this enough. Defining the scope is what companies pay us for. It helps you save time. Attention to detail matters a lot. In this article, you will not only learn how, but why you require help when it comes to estimating costs and time for a construction project.

Estimating Saves Money

Accurately estimating is essential for the success of any construction project. Both owners and contractors rely on cost estimators to help move the project from the pre-construction phase to a completed one. With a proper understanding of what it will cost to complete the project, clients can determine whether it is feasible with the allotted financials. Considering the preliminary estimate, design, and scope changes help determine the actual costs. With proper estimation, constrictors craft their bids to be competitive and profitable.

Underestimating may entail contractors dipping their profit margin to complete the project. At the same time, overestimating will cause the bid to inflate. This suggests that the bid needs to be lowered to be selected. In my book, things go out of hand in mere minutes. You don’t want that in any scenario. Clients require pinpoint accuracy, which only CSI Estimation can provide.

Project Scheduling

Project scheduling plays an important role in determining how long a client will take to complete the project. Methods such as a critical path or PERT can help you create realistic plans and schedules. This is the natural outcome once your estimates are complete. I am not joking, but cost and duration have a strong relationship. When calculating the length of a building project, it is essential to learn from previous experiences. Project managers may provide more accurate estimates and guarantee that the project is completed within the allotted budget and timeframe by examining the features of related projects and applying lessons learned to the estimation process.


If you’re managing a construction project, estimating how long it will take to complete is critical. To make this process easier, you can follow a set of procedures that will help you estimate the duration accurately. These procedures include assessing the project’s scope, segmenting the work, collecting information, accounting for revisions and contingency time, considering outside factors, applying estimating techniques, putting the pieces together, and fine-tuning the estimates. Following these steps, you can set a realistic timeline and allocate resources wisely.

To ensure that your project is completed on time, it’s important for you to consider potential risks and delays. This will help you manage your resources effectively and ensure your project succeeds. Or you can wait for it all to fall down. I might sound condescending but if you want work done, then we are the best option. You can have multiple alternatives to common problems. We are not that. We are the solution.

Divide The Work

Estimating A Construction Project’s Time

To make your estimates even more precise, you can look at similar projects you’ve done and see how long they took. This will help you identify potential roadblocks or challenges that could slow you down. The Critical Path Method (CPM) is a great tool for project planning. This method helps you identify the most influential tasks and their dependencies, so you can focus your energy on the things that matter most. By doing this, you’ll be able to create more realistic estimates that consider any potential delays or resource limitations.

A construction project’s specs and drawings offer crucial details. I mean it gives us the look and feel of the construction project. Keep in mind any incomplete spec sheets will result in incomplete estimates. So if you wanna get the job done faster, make sure all blueprints and spec sheets are complete. No funny business.

Compile Information For Every Task To Perform

Are you ready to learn the secret behind accurate construction project estimates? It all starts with data collection! Project managers can create estimates that leave no stone unturned by gathering detailed information about each task, including its duration, resource requirements, and dependencies. Moreover, estimates can be further improved by leveraging historical data, project scope, and activity-specific factors. With this powerful knowledge at their fingertips, project managers can easily plan and execute successful construction projects!

Outside sources, like hired experts or specialists, can offer insightful information. If you let them in. Why tell the world about your issue when you can use us instead? This is the information age. People can become cutthroats in an instant. I, for one, will say it, but you require all the help we can muster. It will cost you, that’s a given. But at least we won’t throw you under the bus like everyone else does. Because we care.

Factors You Have Zero Control Over

External factors, including weather, material availability, and regulatory changes, can drastically affect how long a building project takes. To consider these elements, project managers should obtain data from outside sources, such as specialists, hired professionals, or freelancers. These sources can offer insightful information based on their prior experience and expertise.

With the proper information in our hands, we can easily estimate the time for your construction project. It is easy as it sounds. I may have over-exaggerated a bit in the start, but now we can do wonders. Remember we have zero control of external factors. They just happen. If God decides to bring Hell on earth. Can’t do anything about it. 

Consider Revisions And Backup Time

When we plan any construction project, it’s crucial to factor in revisions and contingency time. You never know when we might face unforeseen changes or delays, and that’s where contingency hours come into play. These extra hours can help us accommodate any unexpected issues, and revision hours are necessary to evaluate or amend our activities. We can produce more realistic estimates for any modifications and setbacks by including these hours during the estimation phase.

CSI Estimation contingency hours are incredibly helpful since they can accommodate unanticipated circumstances like bad weather or shipping delays. We can better ensure that our project stays on schedule by factoring in contingency time to the estimate, even in unforeseen obstacles. So, let’s ensure we include these hours in our plans to stay prepared for any bumps in the road. I mean there are bumps, but the ones we face are easy as compared to folks face. I am not kidding. Contingencies are like a safety net for your construction project.  They provide damage control, something Trump never had.

Apply Estimation Methods

Apply Estimation Methods

When estimating the duration of a construction project, selecting the right estimation technique is crucial. Three-point, similar, and parametric estimating are three commonly used methods with advantages and disadvantages. The best approach will depend on the specific needs of the project.

Three-point estimating involves finding three estimates – the optimistic, most likely, and pessimistic – to forecast project duration more accurately. This technique can help us consider uncertainties and potential risks. Accuracy in my book goes hand-in-hand with results. That is why we hire resources that are worthy. This ain’t a circus act.

Analogous estimating, on the other hand, relies on historical data and information from previous comparable projects. This strategy can be particularly useful for project managers accessing such data. Ultimately, the choice of estimation technique will depend on the unique needs of the project and the available resources.

Mix Every Part

When estimating a project, it’s important to consider all the factors involved. This includes adding up all job estimates, accounting for potential changes and backup time, and considering any risks or outside factors that may impact the project. To ensure accuracy, They must work with estimators, managers, superintendents, subcontractors, and materials suppliers to create a comprehensive project schedule that accounts for all aspects of the project.

Working collaboratively is essential to achieving a precise and thorough final estimate that accurately represents the complexity and scope of the project. As simple, it sounds, but if we don’t do this as a unit, we may be dusted before you know it. Don’t worry, we don’t do any hippie nonsense.

Review And Refine Estimates

Reviewing and refining estimates is critical to the construction project duration estimation process. This involves thoroughly verifying the completeness of the estimate, ensuring that all tasks and activities have been included, and that the estimate is precise and comprehensive. Additionally, by confirming the assumptions and basis of the estimate, we can guarantee that the estimate is reliable and consistent with the project scope.

Expert judgment plays an irreplaceable role in reviewing and refining estimates. Our team provides invaluable input in assessing historical data and identifying potential discrepancies in the estimate. Their expertise helps ensure the estimate is as accurate and complete as possible. We believe that these guys and gals are the future.


The goal of this article was to give you a clue that estimates are only good if they can help you make the decisions that matter. CSI Estimation isn’t a gateway but a road less travelled. I can brag about how awesome we are. But I am not going to do that, I would want our work ethic to define us. Our role as always is to provide you with relevant information so you can make the decisions that are essential. Nothing in life always comes knocking on your door. Sporadically, it barges in. We are not like those folks.

Instead, our work speaks for itself. CSI Estimation has been part of the construction industry for more than 15 years. In that time, we have led the way of collaboration and results. Two things that are highly likely, but they have happened. If you feel that we are swaying you in any way. You are wrong. Why don’t you give us a call and find out how sincere our intentions are? 

Everyone asks for money, but how many companies out there return the favor in kind. We are the only ones. Try us, we won’t make you famous.


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