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What Costs Factor Into A Construction Estimation?

What Costs Factor Into A Construction Estimation

Understanding building costs is essential in the construction industry. I have been working in this industry for more than 15 years, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Cost estimation is an important aspect. Clients who want to make their money have value, they require hard facts. Of course, you will come along with people saying it can be done cheaper. But do it with proper information. Bait and switch are a common anecdote that many people use.

Why Choose CSI Estimation?

It always works against you. That is why it is critical for you to get the support that you require. I mean, it’s your money. By putting it to good use, you can make more or suffer. That is how cutthroat the construction industry is. Unless you have the necessary information to make the right choices, you will become a figment of imagination in seconds. This article will help shed light on why CSI Estimation is the perfect candidate for Cost Estimation. And what kind of costs come into play when estimating for a construction project. 

Understanding building costs cannot be delegated. For clients, these are instruments of success that make sure their investment earns them a profit. The information helps them determine their project’s vital feasibility. If, for some reason, you do not use this information, you can either have high expenses or lose your savings. 

Factors That Influence Construction Costs

Keep in mind that several factors influence building costs. These are:


For me, location is significant. If I want to invest in a project, I require all the information from land pricing to the vicinity. Don’t wish to spend any money on locations that are not good for business.

Size And Scope

 The size and scope of your construction project will directly influence its cost. Residential projects have smaller costs than commercial projects. It all depends on what you desire. There is nothing in any handbook that can sway from your focus. 


 Using high-quality materials can make or break your budget constraints. Using cheap steel and aluminum can mitigate the issue, but the risk of safety is rising. At the same time, using expensive materials will put you in the danger zone. You have to balance it out. The costs should define the value of materials. That is why they call it a material takeoff.

 Labor Costs

  Skilled and Unskilled professionals are a major issue for many in the construction industry. If that is not an issue, the unions are. It all depends on the location. The West Coast has a higher turnaround when it comes to labor shortage than the East Coast.

 Design Complexity

Simplicity means that the time to construct the project will be variable. Whereas the complicated design, considerable time will come into play. From the cost perspective, I think you will require more finances to realize your dream. That is why there are only two 4 Disney theme parks in the world. 2 in the US, One in Europe, and one in Asia. 

 Site Conditions

 This is a subset of location. A strong location is one where the soil isn’t contaminated, and the terrain is accessible. Look, you can’t build a casino on a mountain. Unless you are Native American. 

  Regulation And permits

  Every state offers proper fire and safety codes for construction projects. These play an important part when it comes to construction estimation. We account for everything when a client asks for accuracy and results. That is why CSI Estimation is a name you can trust.

 Economy And Inflation

The stronger the currency is, the more value the elements will bring. Price fluctuations are common. For instance, our government is in plans to tariff steel from China. That means that the price of materials will likely skyrocket. This also suggests that the estimation will differ. These are some factors over which we have zero control.

 Market Conditions

As previously mentioned, supply and demand are the future. The logistics constantly change, that is why you require contingencies to counter them. Good for you. CSI Estimation results are always embedded in them. So, you never need to worry about logistics issues. 


It is paramount that the location you select for the construction project must have the necessary utilities. This means that the estimation we help create will account for these. 

Capital Costs

This is the type of cost that is incurred the moment you lay the foundation of your construction project. It incurs all your expenses as per its physical presence. It includes the cost of land acquisition, site prep, materials, labor, equipment, and any associated expenses.

understand how important these costs are. For that reason, we double-check all values for any issue before handing them to you. With our results, you can easily ascertain your project’s overall feasibility.

Building Operating Costs

Building Operating Costs

The costs mentioned in this section are those that help keep the construction maintainable. By taking care of your construction project, you, in return, increase its original value. Once the time comes to sell the project, you can make a massive profit. Your expenses for this will be reduced as your project breaks down less. Utilities and taxes are costs that you have to pay all the time.

This ensures that you abide by the local policies set by the state. Insurance of the construction project is of a critical nature. It helps you increase damage control in case of fire, theft, and liability in natural disasters. With the help of our estimations, insurance companies can put value to a construction project. Keep in mind that depreciation becomes a factor as well. 

Construction Costs

Here are all the elements that directly affect the construction of the project. These are:

Material Costs

Labor Costs

Equipment Costs

Subcontractor Costs


Other kinds Of Costs

Base Cost: The initial, fundamental cost from which all subsequent computations or adjustments are made.

Baseline Expenses: The original predicted costs are a point for tracking and measuring changes as the project progresses.

Direct Cost: These are those expenses that directly affect your construction project. You do have control over them, and they are the focus for completion.

Disallowed Costs: Any cost or expenses that are not approved are put into this section. General contractors hate these costs.

Output Cost: Expenses done after the completion of the construction project. These costs are basically final touches.

Prime Cost: The total cost of labor and materials directly used in the creation of goods or services.

Provisional Cost: An anticipated cost for products that are not yet exactly defined

Real Cost: This is the actual information many clients prefer. These expenses are the real cost of the project and if they coincide with cost estimation than you are in luck.

Sunk costs : These are one time costs that can’t be recovered by any means, like library cards. You invest into it and for countless years, there is no way you can recover them

Target Cost: This is the actual ballpark number that the preliminary estimate establishes. 

Tender Cost: It is obvious what these expenses are. But for simple people, these are the cost a contractor gives when applying for a tender or doing a bid on a construction project.

Total Cost: A summation of direct and indirect costs. This is what every client desires. The only problem is getting to it. By far calculating this is a complex process.


I hope the above information has given you a proper insight when it comes to costs that directly and indirectly affect your construction project. My goal has always been to provide you with information that matters. That is the same case for our construction estimating services. Clients always inquire why we are so good at what we do. To inform you simply is that we care. We love the work we do, and we are more than happy to be your solution.


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